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Fire and Rain

Posted by Marney Schorr on July 23, 2014 at 7:50 AM

Not fun when you spill coffee on your digital camera. But I managed to shoot this one before the demise of my equipment. I am not a techie or a smartphone kinda girl. I am missing my camera but it doesn't stop me from taking mental snapshots. We all know those peak moments that we want to freeze for a lifetime. Being witness to the moments of development of  my fraternal twin toddler nephews are some peak ones in my 40 years on earth.

Sometimes the peak moments are simple -  a sense of peace and contentment in my art studio at NU Arts. The studio is really coming along. And it's less messy than I imagined!

Well, that's just because I'm out sand.Yes, SAND.

Sand for me is like fire or rain, an element of the earth and a necessary ingredient in the paint cocktails I goop on canvas and slide over with one of my shiny metallic palette knives. Oh, how I love a palette knife. Here is how it looks when I start.

Materials ready.

And when I start going wild.

I seem to have a need for sand somewhere mid to late process in painting. I seek to include the earth. I wish to make more of my own materials I suppose. I enjoy the challenge and quite franky, love getting junk all over my hands (and sometimes feet, arms, legs, toes, etc).

But then there is also the smooooth and silken feeling of sand running through my fingertips. Growing up on Long Island with hundreds of beaches everywhere, sand was easy to come by. And playing with sand was the most natural thing a young girl could do.

So why don't we let the kids play in the sand more often? Forget the hand sanitizer and the fears for a few minutes. And just feel nature.

A new mental snapshot: Sandtray Therapy at Studio 19. Who is up for some fun and imagination?

Sandtray therapy. What's that about? You ask. It's alot more than just playing and swooshing because being in the sand taps into our childlike selves, and the psyche of freedom. Where the unconscious is safe to emerge. Symbols. Sand. Drawing, making rivers and mounds, placing figurines. Just chillin with where you are.

But to be prudent, here is a fancier definition:

(from: http/

Dora Kalff, Jungian therapist, developed sandplay therapy in Switzerland in the 1950s and '60s based on her studies at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, in Tibetan Buddhism, and with Margaret Lowenfeld, in England.

Summary:  The student is given the possibility, by means of figures and the arrangement of the sand in the area bounded by the sandbox, to set up a world corresponding to his or her inner state. In this manner, through free, creative play, unconscious processes are made visible in a three-dimensional form and a pictorial world comparable to the dream experience. Through a series of images that take shape in this way, the process of individuation described by C. G. Jung is stimulated and brought to fruition.

Join me soon! Come check out the sand box and let yourself wonder away...NU Arts, Studio 19.

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