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Winter, Paper, Scissors

Posted by Marney Schorr on March 26, 2015 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Empty winter. Long dreary days. Hour by hour little comes. Days go by. I have felt alone. Preparing for something outside the dread of stillness. It has been hard to get comfortable with myself. Hard to get comfortable with these stone like mounds of snow. Walls, really, blocking me. Blocking connection, blocking good times shared with friends.

I have always embraced the winter, but this one felt cruel. I have loved and lost. I have been dormant in my own cold prison. I have not wanted to come out to play.

My paint brushes are hard from under use. They wait for me like long distant friends. Are you ok? They ask, Why have you not been around?

I don't know how to answer.

Except to say, amongst the grey a spirit lingers. It is a quiet time at the doorstep of rebirth. I will be home again in this skin. I have been playing with paper. Simple square sheets and the feeling of cool scissor blades making sharp curves. Shapes and placement, colors and opposition. Ways to be artful as the slowness ends and life rebuilds itself. Mother Nature will be waking from her sleep, thankfully for us all.

I will paint again. And it will be glorious. Hang in there, oh waiters of Spring. Let the floor of the earth become green again with growth. Warm our faces with sunlight and our hearts with the sound of opening.

There's No Place Like Pittsfield

Posted by Marney Schorr on August 2, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (2)

It was a contented evening last night at First Friday's Artswalk in my new studio at NU Arts. I am thankful for the visitors and support and especially for the people who have taken an interest without agenda - just pure wonder and curiosity. WOW. That just fills my soul and centers me in conversation with others as I meet and greet the world looking out my Pittsfield window.

I found myself deeply engaged in such raw, real and spirited talk - about materials, people and ideas that make the world a better place. I met women who served people with special needs. I met songwriters and promoters, theatre goers, new artists, old artists, builders, sculptors, fashion trendsetters, organic farmers and just regular cool folk perusing the streets of Pittsfield on a breezy summer night.

Yeah, let's hear it for Pittsfield.

I had a feeling of peace at about the time I saw the pink taking over the sky on Union St. That fluid serene cotton candy pink against crysanethemum purples and amesthyst blues. Jagged horizontal clouds and a city to love. That's right. Let's hear it for Pittsfield. She's become my good friend who offers me a feeling of peace and belonging.

And most days I find that sense of peace and belonging hard to come by. It's easy enough when everything is going right and the weather is just so. But when it's time to show up and show your work, talk about who you are and what you do and why...that can be anxiety-provoking for the most healthy artists in the world in any place, anywhere

Am I good enough? Us artists cannot help but ask. Well the answer to that is a resounding yes. Good enough. A good enough painter, a good enough friend, lover, sister, daughter, employee. A good enough human.

When I closed up shop last night, I could hear Jeff smiling over me from his old shop across the street. Our old Wild Sage isn't too far away. He would have been proud of me. And I miss him. He saw me and heard me and pushed me. And he was right. I was good enough all along. Thanks Jeff, I know why you stayed. And I'm gonna say it - one more time - as I click the heels of my old ratty blue sandals - There's no place like Pittsfield.

Independence Day for Artists!

Posted by Marney Schorr on July 6, 2014 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This weekend began with an exhausting fog, roaring thunder, snippets of wicked lightning piercing the sky and unfettered rain, rain, rain...

But by Saturday morning, we awoke refreshed. Did you feel the cool winds of a passing Hurricane Arthur? Independence Day weekend now offered a perfectly tranquil sunshine. A day to garden, barbeque, celebrate.

Out of those storms, I went to my new studio and threw paint on cardboard. I dipped my fingers in and went for the release that I only feel when I 'take it the art'...angst, nerves, joy, all of it.

Rushing into new  colors on canvas - thalo green, titanium white, cadmium reds and yellow light. Dipping, dripping, pouring, scraping, pulling...acrylic, mod podge and paper. So many ways to paint...did I even need my brushes? Just after I found this link - 35 crazy fun ways to paint without a brush. Check it out!


Lots of times artists feel a down after a show. SO much excitement and pressure to shmooze followed by an eerie quiet. And maybe the question, what now?

Instead, gratitude surrounds me for my studio opening and the great new people I am getting to know at NU Arts Gallery & Studios...a delight of earthy people with open arms, managing the humidity and showing up.

I am a part of a real artist community. We are up on the second floor overlooking the street traffic and happenings of Pittsfield. And for me, it's Better Than Brooklyn. I am independent and interdependent.

Here we are:

And welcome next store to us...the new Pop-Up Art Gallery...

Check it all out on facebook!